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about us eng

That’s Life Band is a musical project that, since summer 2006, is formed around the crooner Luca Finotto and the drummer Francesco Daldin. The exclusive That’s Life Band recipe was subsequently enriched, by elctive affinity, with the arrival of the pianist Massimo Pasqualato and Simone Bortolotto at double-bass.All this concretized in a refined cocktail of musical ingredients that, with own swing new reading, faces the American jazz standards, the Caribbean rythms and the more refined contemporary pop. That’s Life Band is therefore the ideal sonorous column for every event where a peculiar stylistic-formal elegance is sought for the musical proposal. In summer 2009 coming out "COCKTAILS", first album of That's Life Band. The cd includes "Another life" re-arranged by the band and performed with Glen White, original voice of the '83 world hit (KANO).Cocktails also includes "LIMPIDA Cayukeda", first unpublished of TLB and soundtrack of the Italian company HOLDING CAYUKEDA. Rigorously live performing for CLUBS-GALA NIGHTS-WEDDING & PRIVATE PARTY-OPENING.

That's Life Band

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